DetoxMe – Your detox mentor


„A healthy diet in your pocket“

What is DetoxMe about?

Health. Beauty. Sharp mind. Baby on the way. Everything is influenced by food as well. Fresh, tasty and in harmony with your organism. But… How am I supposed to remember what can help me get rid of water retention, what can help me cleanse my skin, and what will give me more energy rather than excess weight? Your phone. Our application. Meet DetoxMe.


1. Fill in the form

Like in an Ayurveda centre, we will ask you many things. Besides your goal (losing weight, improving your skin, eliminating fatigue, getting pregnant), we will ask you about your body and mind.

2. We will determine your dosha

A dosha is something like your personal configuration. The questionnaire will find it and will enable us to draw up a plan, which will be in harmony with your body and will help you to best meet your health goals.

3. You can set up the duration of the plan

Would you like to try Ayurveda? Or have you been practicing a healthy lifestyle for some time and you just need some advice?
A monthly plan is perfect for you.

Do you live under stress and on unhealthy food? Perhaps you should try a longer commitment. We recommend a 3-month plan at a reduced price.

4. We will draw up a personal plan

We know the dosha, we know the goal. So let’s find the way to achieve it. The plan consists of meals and procedures. With the practical shopping list, you will have sufficient supplies for the following days and you will not have to wander around the shop.

5. We will watch over you

In your plan, you will always see what awaits you. And if you forget, we will remind you of a procedure or meal in time. Thanks to checking off the consumed meals and undergone procedures, you will be able to see how you are managing yourself.

Price list

App Functions

Select Typology

Determining Your Typology

Personal Detox Plan

Personalized Detoxification Plan

Interactive Shopping Cart

Interactive Shopping List

Recipes Database

Database of Detoxification Recipes

The english version of app will be released soon!


Markéta, 24 years old

Uherský Brod

Dóša: Kapha

I had been struggling with digestion, fatigue and headaches for a long time. I was tired of it. Based on a recommendation, I downloaded the DetoxMe application. After one month, I woke up better, I felt the inflow of energy and a new lease of life. Headaches and stomach aches were replaced by well-being and satisfaction.

Charlie, 26 years old


Dóša: Vatha

I am interested in a healthy lifestyle, and I was enthused with the DetoxMe application as it helps me with shopping and recipes. I don’t have time to think up what I should eat for lunch and what I need to buy. Anytime I enter a shop, my application shows me what I should buy and what I will cook. After a few weeks of using the application, I even got rid of some minor skin problems, and I feel I have a greater zest for life.